mistermooth asked:
Why are you so good at drawing?!?!?

why are you so good at being lovely?!?!?!

mrcaputo asked:
ahahahaha :D no, Louis Gray, that detective who i've made, and is on my tumblr :)

haha! I might give it a shot. i’m horrible at drawing other people’s OCs, but if it looks okay i’ll publish it here :) don’t get your hopes up, though!

mrcaputo asked:
whops. Bad google translation. I wanted to say, according to your artistic style, how can you draw Louis Gray?
Anonymous asked:
Who is mrcaputo?

I dont know him! A guy who talks to me about Adventure Time :)

mrcaputo asked:
A curiosity. How do you draw my detective Louis Gray? Your style resembles that of Natasha Allegri.

well firstly thankyou so much! i love her style so it’s inevitable that mine would turn out like hers.

what do you mean, ‘How do you draw my detective Louis Gray?’?

trmphlfe asked:
yo dawg, what have you been up to ?

yo dawg! not muuuuch, was away for a week and before that I was finishing up year 12! now I have all this spare time… productivity ahoy! ye’self?